Flying Letter
Flying Letter - Old People's Song -
1.Sister Mary Veronica & Lullaby Song
2.Sister Mary Veronica & Neuchatel
3.Fare well Flower
4.Music Father of Dolemont & Mich
5.Lullaby Song
6.Rita & Andrea
7.Angele Auserned
8.A Way to the Sky
9.Ms Ingeborg with her granddaughters
Total  39:40
piano, melodion, sand with wood and bowl with chopsticks / Misa Shimomura
wood-bass / Mich Gerber (song4)
trumpet / Daniel Erismann (song8)
Recorded by Marion Neumann, Jörg Grossman, Daniel Erismann & Misa Shimomura
Mixed by Misa Shimomura
Special thanks to
Les Moueties, Residence La Courtine,
Jean -Yves Piffard, Andreas Fluckiger & Rita Fluckiger,
All the people who joined with the project "Triangle Book",
jour par jour compagnie 2006,
semaine par semaine compagnie 2006,
jour par jour cie
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